Jersey Shore Guitar Garage’s founder/ CEO Jimmi Soldo has known his way around an electrical circuit for most of his life, and he has known the guitar longer.  Jimmi has been a guitar player since the age of 3 and is currently a performing and touring musician.  At very early ages he had always shown an interest in everything electrical disassembling everything from RC cars to solar calculators in an effort to understand its inner workings.  Not born into a wealthy family, Jimmi gained a lot of his knowledge through trial and error, and more than one blown circuit breaker in his very patient and supportive mother’s house.  He even built his first guitar amplifier from salvaged stereo parts.  One day when his step-father had brought him along to a friend's house, the kids were propped up in front of a TV to be entertained while the adults went off to discuss “grown-up business” in the other room.  The friend had put Stevie Ray Vaughn Live at El Mocombo on.  Jimmi has been quoted more than once saying that” changed my life.  i wanted to do THAT! His mastery of the guitar and total disrespect for it, and that sound…..OH THAT SOUND!  I wanted to know how to make that happen”  Since that day Jimmi has been on a never ending quest for guitar tone and unlocking the mysteries, myths, and facts that surround it.  

Fast forward to present day.  While working in a music store Jimmi opened a repair business within it’s walls called the Guitar Garage calling on his experience as an auto mechanic for the moniker.  He had become quite proficient with electrical circuits during his stint as an auto tech specializing in computer diagnosis and repair of modern vehicles, so it was a natural application to the electric guitar.  He began repairing and modifying amplifiers, re-coning speakers and building the world class wiring harnesses for guitars that he is more well known for today.  Jimmi’s intense understanding of electrical circuitry allowed him to “see” the sound in his head and create very complicated switching matrices without even a pen and paper.  He began to live, eat, and sleep wiring, driving him towards his award winning circuits of today.  Jimmi currently has several patents to his credit regarding his circuits and innovations in the electric guitar world.   

Now with an average of over 400 guitar wiring harnesses under his belt each year, Jimmi continues to march forward on the front of inventive, creative and user friendly playable guitar circuits.  With major recording/performance artists using his products such as The Allman Brother’s Band, The Black Crowes, The North Mississippi Allstars, Tantric, Saving Abel, Trash the Brand, The Jimmy Warren Band and more Jimmi’s reputation as a master craftsman continues to grow.  He can be seen on tour with top musicians as well as his own tour.  Join the Guitar Garage family today and see what all the buzz is about!