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Busting the MYTH of matched pots!!

Posted by Jimmi Soldo on Wednesday, April 30, 2014,
Busting the MYTH of matched pots!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems that the mark of good electronics in a guitar is based on matching of equipment, while this holds true for many situations, we're gonna bust the myth today of matching potentiometers. 

MATCHED POTS are a benchmark signifying quality craftsmanship and care taken when making hand built guitar electronics, but why you; ask are we at the Guitar Garage claiming its a MYTH?!? Clearly this needs some explaining. 


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It's all about Tone (the "Jimmy Page")

Posted by Jimmi Soldo on Wednesday, April 30, 2014,
I'm calling this blog page the "Jimmy Page" in honor of the namesake behind our flagship 21 Tone Harnesses. 
I'll use this blog to discuss our quest of Tone, and discuss how to operate the 21 Tone harness to achieve the most out of your guitar. Keep your eye on this page for updates about Jersey Shore Guitar Garage and releases of new products!
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